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Made to Order

Hand-assembled and customizable from the wooden last to the choice of leather and patinas, Park en Madison Made to Order shoes combine absolute comfort and unique flair.

As opposed to ready-to-wear shoes, or “demi-mesure” shoes, which are simple adaptations of existing models, bespoke shoes are created from scratch. The client is at the very center of the process, and the future shoe will be created according to the morphology of his foot.


At Park en Madison, it all starts with the first appointment, when the master shoemaker and client meet. In your home, job, one of our quarterly trunks shows or at our workshop in Turino, Italy, a discussion will ensue in which the shoemaker listens, questions, and notes the wishes and habits of his client. In fact, bespoke shoemaking requires the dual input of shoemaker and client: soles, lining color, choice of shoe trees… all will be decided during this essential first meeting.

Next comes the measuring procedure. Between six and ten measurements are required to grasp the precise morphology, volume, width, and weight-bearing areas of the client’s foot. Lastly, the client will choose from the various leathers proposed. Venezia leather, of course, the emblematic leather of the Park en Madison, but also such exotic skins as alligator, python or shark.

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